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At Marion County Savings, we have a century of experience working with not-for-profits, schools, and municipalities. We know what’s important to you – minimal fees, community focus, competitive rates, and a deposit account that allows you to write a generous amount of checks. We even provide The Annex, for free, for your meeting needs. Our Municipal Lease is a quick and simple financing option that is used by many not-for-profits, schools, and municipalities around Marion County.

Municipal Leases

A Municipal Lease is a simple, cost-effective way to finance 100% of your equipment cost. You’ll lock into a fixed rate and set payment that will not change, simplifying your budget. A lease is a full payout contract, with no surprises at the end of the lease. The interest from the lease is tax-exempt. This tax-exempt savings gets passed on to the municipality in the form of a lower interest rate. Leases are quick and easy to finalize, allowing you to keep your business operation moving!

Who Qualifies for a Municipal Lease?
Counties, Cities, Villages, Colleges, Police & Fire Departments, Ambulances, School Districts, Hospitals, and other Municipal Districts

What can be financed?
Finance equipment needs including printers, copiers, backhoes, tractors, computers, appliances, etc. A lease allows you to purchase needed equipment now, without waiting for your next budget for approval.

How are they structured?
Equipment can be financed for a term that matches the useful life of the equipment. 100% of the equipment cost, including costs for delivery and installation, can be included in the financing. Payments can be structured monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

What are the benefits of a Municipal Lease?

  • No down payment required
  • No Voter approval required
  • Low up-front costs
  • Low interest rate
  • Quick & easy to finalize

Are there any prepayment penalties?
No. The lease can be paid off at any point prior to the lease maturity date without prepayment penalties.

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